Grid Scale Energy Storage in Silicon Valley

The California Energy Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy are ready to launch EnerVault Turlock which is the first grid-scale iron-chromium redox flow battery in the world. This was designed to provide a grid-scale energy storage system in the Silicon Valley region of California. It was also designed to last for a long period […]

Why Does A Sniper Shoot At A Power Hub

A sniper was able to fire more than 100 rounds at a power substation in San Jose. It knocked out most of the transformers at the station and took nearly a month to repair. This has raised fears about the energy sector and how safe it is. If a random sniper can fire 100 rounds […]

Wave Energy On The Docket In California

California Polytechnic Institute has been awarded a $750,000 grant from the Department of Energy as well as matching funds to put a rig off the California coast and figure out if wave energy can be produced. The idea is that the rig will produce energy from the natural rising and falling of the ocean waves […]

2013 Sees Solar Energy Output Double in California

In the last 30 years in total, California did not install as much solar energy as it did in 2013. The figure of 1000MW of rooftop power was achieved in 2013 with the help of of the California Public Utilities Commission. In fact, the number is actually 1917 MW of rooftop solar energy. This doubles […]

Energy Rebates Draw Little Interest

The state of California has spent three years work on an energy rebate program in hopes of upgrading 100,000 homes with the program. Unfortunately, the program has barely seen 10,000 upgrades. The program allows for up to $4500 in tax rebates to homeowners who are willing to upgrade their furnaces, ducts, and insulation to make […]