Climate Change Could Harm California’s Alternative Energy Gains

Calfing GlasierAs global warming becomes more and more of a reality, it appears that energy needs in California are going to outpace the gains that the state has made in alternative energy production. The changing weather is affecting power plants that can easily go down when the demand is too high, and this is why the state is focusing on energy conservation.

The state admits that energy conservation will help to keep energy demand down while they plan to get more power online. However, the state knows that a major education campaign will be needed to show consumers how important conservation is.

The state is also working to allow alternative energy providers to work alongside power plants without a war for energy production. This is hoped to increase even further gains in alternative energy so that the state can meet demands as it hopes to educate the public about conservation.

California is not alone with concern about capacity.  Cheap electricity rates in Texas have led to a dearth of new power plant development leaving the state coping with very real concerns about meeting future energy demands.  Also like California, the state has dealt with severe drought in recent years.  This effect electricity production because water is important for the operation of power plants.

Both states are walking a fine line as they figure out how to power such a large landscape many years into the future.