Why Does A Sniper Shoot At A Power Hub

A sniper was able to fire more than 100 rounds at a power substation in San Jose. It knocked out most of the transformers at the station and took nearly a month to repair. This has raised fears about the energy sector and how safe it is. If a random sniper can fire 100 rounds at a random power plant, how hard would it be to fire on multiple targets at the same time?

This means that security in the energy sector is just as important as the energy that is being produced by these companies. Even as the FBI does not believe it was terrorism, the fears and concerns over attacks like this are well-founded because energy plants are simply not safe at this time. Hopefully, energy companies will find better ways to keep themselves safe in the future.

While security from snipers may be hard to manage, it is still difficult to ignore the danger.

Read more here: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/02/06/us/months-later-sniper-attack-at-power-hub-still-a-mystery.html?_r=0